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Breath & Blood Tests Evidence in DWI Charges

If you are pulled over for suspicion of DWI, you will be asked to take a breathalyzer test. This specific test requires the individual to blow into a device that registers your BAC, or blood alcohol concentration. If you receive a BAC rating of.08% or higher you will be arrested for a DWI. Authorities will often administer blood tests to ensure an accurate BAC level of suspected DWI charges. Blood tests are conducted by removing an individual's blood and testing the alcohol concentration of it. Breath and blood tests are not 100% accurate, and no testing procedure is. There are many ways that the results of these tests can be incorrect and the results can often be challenged in a court of law. An experienced lawyer is need for individuals who have received a DWI as a result of a breath or blood test. A Long Island DWI lawyer can provide you or a loved one with the legal representation necessary to assess and challenge your tests.

Long Island Breath & Blood Tests

You cannot be convicted of a DWI without evidence to support the charges. BAC tests do not have complete accuracy and there are numerous ways that faulty readings can take place. For example, if you vomit before your breathalyzer test then the results can be skewed. Similarly, blood tests can be incorrect if the sample is mishandled or the medical equipment needed for the test is in poor condition. Our law firm is prepared to investigate all of these possibilities to pursue the option of having your charges dropped or reduced. We know exactly what details to examine, and our fifty years of combined legal experience are of great benefit to any of our clients who have been accused of drunk driving.

Jacoby & Jacoby provides each client with high quality, aggressive legal representation. We have represented numerous clients in their DWI charges and have successfully challenged faulty breath & blood test evidence. We know what to look for and we can help you determine your best course of action with regard to your charges. Our team is dedicated to providing a hard-hitting, professional defense for each case we represent.

If you were administered a breath or blood test to determine your BAC and were consequently charged with a DWI, you must contact a Long Island DWI lawyer . They will research your breath & blood test evidence.

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