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Long Island DMV Hearings Attorney

DMV Hearings: License Suspension and Revocation in Long Island

DWI and other traffic violations can lead to the automatic suspension or revocation of your driver's license unless you fight it at a DMV hearing. DWI charges and refusing to take a breathalyzer can result in an immediate license suspension. You are given a very brief time period to schedule a hearing with a DMV official. This hearing gives individuals the opportunity to challenge their license suspension. Legal representation in these hearings is essential if you hope to fight to avoid suspension or revocation of your license. A Long Island DWI attorney can provide you with committed legal representation in you r DMV hearing.

Legal Defense for DMV Hearings

Time is of the essence when scheduling a DMV hearing. If you fail to schedule a hearing regarding your license, then you could be without driving privileges for up to six months. Losing your license can affect your ability to work, run necessary errands or provide for your family. Our legal team can help you and will represent you at both your DMV hearing and in court to defend against a DWI charge. Jacoby & Jacoby has over fifty years of combined legal experience and has represented countless clients in DMV hearings. We know what evidence to present in a DMV hearing to fight for your ability to retain your license. The matters of BAC, how evidence was obtained, whether your rights were violated or testing administered incorrectly can all play a large role in the outcome of your hearing. All of this evidence will be examined by our firm to establish a plan of action with regard to the hearing.

Our law firm has been successful in many DMV hearings and seen numerous clients receive a license reinstatement. We understand that losing a driver's license can make life very difficult. We will do everything we can to maintain your driving privileges. Our law firm can review police reports and videos to ensure proper protocol was followed. We will provide an aggressive approach in DMV hearings for each client we represent.

Contact a Long Island DMV hearings attorney to receive experienced legal representation during your DMV hearing.

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