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DWI with Injury in Long Island

A DWI or charge is very serious, but if an injury was caused as a result of your DWI then you will be facing heavy penalties. Punishments for these charges often include extensive prison sentences and expensive fines if convicted. The circumstances of your case will play a very large role in the punishment that could be levied on to you. BAC, or blood alcohol content, number of persons injured and your previous criminal record have a direct effect on the charges and potential sentence in a conviction. A Long Island DWI lawyer can help you determine the best options for your defense. They will provide you with high quality legal representation and sound advice.

DWI with Injury Defense

DWI cases rely heavily on physical evidence. BAC, sobriety tests, law enforcement procedures, police reports and even the history of blood testing equipment can be evaluated with regard to your defense. Police officers must follow proper protocol when issuing a breathalyzer test and arresting you. Any failure to perform testing procedures correctly could result in charge reduction or dismissal. We will explore all of these options. Our law firm, Jacoby & Jacoby has over fifty years of combined legal experience. We know exactly what to look for in DWI cases. Your case may require us to utilize our extensive resources including accident investigators. The weather, road conditions and the other driver's actions could have affected your ability to drive properly. Our law firm will examine these details to determine the appropriate course of action.

The time to act is now. You do not want to leave yourself legally vulnerable after a DWI with injury charge. Our law firm can help you defend your rights and take action to protect your rights and freedom. Penalties such as incarceration, fines, compensation for injuries, license suspension, community service and alcohol counseling are common for those who do not have the exceptional legal counsel. Our law firm is here to provide you with an aggressive defense and to gain every possible advantage for you throughout the process.

Contact a Long Island DUI attorney when you are charged with a DWI with injury. The law offices of Jacoby & Jacoby will provide you with the professional legal representation you need.

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