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Long Island Drivers' License Restoration Lawyer

Restoring Drivers' Licenses

The loss of a drivers' license can make life very difficult, but now is the time to seek restoration of your driving privileges. Restoring your license after a suspension from a DWI charge should be handled by a highly qualified attorney familiar with the process. Time is of the essence as you only have a limited period to file for a restoration hearing. Each case is very different and requires the legal representation of a Long Island DWI lawyer. We can take legal action and seek a restoration for your license. We represent clients in DMV hearings and address the matter of driver's license restoration, either as part of our defense of DWI charges and all surrounding legal matters, or for those who have completed their requirements after a DWI conviction and need to get their licenses restored.

License Restoration in Long Island

DWI and license restoration hearings may require individuals to answer various questions and provide providing specific paperwork. We have over fifty years of combined legal experience and have represented numerous clients and got their drivers' license restored. The knowledgeable team at Jacoby & Jacoby is well aware of the proper procedures that need to be followed and the correct documents that must be submitted. The stress from your license suspension can be resolved and we do all we can to get you back behind the wheel with your license in hand.

Now is the time for you to act. License suspensions can make it very difficult to work, handle the daily tasks of living and for some, to continue being employed. You need to do everything you can to have your driving privileges restored. Our law firm can help you take the first step. We provide each client with sound advice and you will have the support of a committed attorney to take action and get the matter resolved. Your case will be reviewed by one of our competent lawyers and we will advise you what we can do to restore your license.

If you are taking the first steps in getting your license restored, then you should contact a Long Island drivers' license restoration lawyer.

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