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Criminal Defense for Failed Sobriety Checkpoint Tests

Police officers and other law enforcement officials will often set up roadblocks to catch those driving under the influence of alcohol. These roadblocks are normally located on a busy road or intersection in the later hours of the night, often in areas in which DWI drivers have been found before. Upon entrance to the road block, an officer will conduct numerous field sobriety tests if they consider that you "fail", will move forward to a breathalyzer or blood test. The checkpoint must also meet the standards of the state and federal governments, such as in pulling over every third car and avoiding racial profiling. A Long Island DWI attorney can provide you with high quality legal representation if you were arrested because after being stopped at a roadside checkpoint.

Sobriety Checkpoint Defense

Officers at sobriety checkpoints often ask questions before requiring an individual to exit their vehicle. These questions must remain unbiased, and many of them you are not required to answer under the law. If you are asked "how much have you had to drink?" and you don't answer, you are not in violation of the law. It must comply with the standards and rules regarding these checkpoints, as they are in a grey area of the law with regard to probable cause - a constitutional right. Our law firm, Jacoby & Jacoby, can provide you with a defense if you were charged with DWI at a sobriety checkpoint. It may be necessary to call upon our extensive resources such as independent investigator to obtain supporting evidence for your defense. We will review all of the details to determine the best course of action.

DWI convictions have many negative effects on those who failed to defend against the charge, or just decided to plead guilty and face the repercussion. Jail or prison time, expensive fines, counseling, court ordered community service and prolonged license suspensions are all part of a DWI conviction. You cannot afford to fight this battle without an aggressive defense attorney on your side. We are that firm. We perform all of the necessary research, interviews and investigations. Our legal team is prepared to take legal action on your behalf and provide you with an aggressive defense. We will do everything in our power to protect your rights and pursue a favorable case outcome.

If you were charged with DWI at a sobriety checkpoint, contact a Long Island DWI attorney from our firm.

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