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Long Island Vehicular Manslaughter Lawyer

Criminal Defense for Vehicular Manslaughter

Vehicular manslaughter is the act of killing another through the negligent misuse of a vehicle. For example, if you were texting and hit a pedestrian then it would likely constitute vehicular manslaughter under state law. If alcohol is present in your vehicular manslaughter charge, then you will be facing even more serious punishments. The following penalties can be imposed on those convicted for vehicular manslaughter charges:

  • Prison sentences
  • Expensive fines
  • License suspension
  • Counseling
  • Probation

There may have been multiple tests administered at the accident site or after your arrest. We will review the police reports to ensure proper procedure was followed and that your rights were not violated in the arrest or any other part of the incident. Challenging the evidence, including BAC, testing equipment and law enforcement procedures is a critical part of defending against this very serious felony charge. A Long Island DWI attorney can provide you or a loved one with dedicated legal representation to defend against vehicular manslaughter charges.

Vehicular Manslaughter Defense in Long Island

You need to do everything you can to defend your freedom and your future. Our law firm can provide you with a high quality legal representation to take immediate defense action on your behalf. We have over fifty years of combined legal experience and have represented numerous clients in vehicular manslaughter cases. Accident investigations and eyewitness interviews can be conducted by an independent accident investigator to establish supporting evidence for your defense. We review your case thoroughly and examine all of the evidence to determine the best options for you. Our firm will work tirelessly to defend you from the moment of your arrest.

We understand how frightening a vehicular manslaughter charge can be. The penalties can change your life forever with respect to your freedom, your future employment opportunities, ability to hold certain professional licenses and every other aspect of your life. Your personal freedom is in jeopardy. We can provide you with personal legal counsel and a committed defense. Jacoby & Jacoby provides each client with a tenacious defense in court and is proud of their record of success in defending clients in court.

Vehicular manslaughter charges are very serious and may have life altering consequences. Contact a Long Island vehicular manslaughter lawyerto receive experienced legal representation for your case.

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