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Common Questions about DWI Defense

Will I go to jail?

DWI convictions carry heavy penalties in the state of New York. Even a first time DWI will include some jail time, and if the judge does not want to give you probation, you could face months of incarceration. It is not a minor legal matter, and it is important that you take action and enlist the assistance of a skilled Long Island DWI defense lawyer from Jacoby & Jacoby. We can review your situation and determine the best way to move forward with your defense.

Does it really help to get a lawyer?

It depends on if you are looking for someone to stand by you why while you just plead guilty, or if you want to have an attorney that will seek out every possible opportunity to defend you or reduce the damage, whether through negotiating a reduced charge, getting the charges dismissed, or achieving an acquittal in court. We prefer to take on DWI cases with an aggressive approach, which has proven to be successful for our many clients.

Are breathalyzers ever wrong?

In fact, these testing units have had many problems over the years, and even recently one commonly used testing unit was found to have serious faults. There is much that can be done to challenge breath test evidence, including reviewing how the unit was calibrated, the history of incorrect readings or problems with a specific unit, as well as the way the test was administered. The number of possibilities is actually a positive for those who want to defend against a DWI offense that was based upon breath test evidence. We are prepared to carefully analyze every aspect of the evidence and identify the best possible course of action.

How much does an attorney cost?

When you are evaluating the cost of defending your case, it is important that you consider the costs you will face if you are convicted. These will include increased insurance rates, the cost of transportation when you have a suspended license, court fees, fines, and the potential losses to your personal and professional reputation. Some people cannot work at their profession as it involves driving. The costs of a conviction usually extend far beyond the rates our firm charges to defend against DWI offenses.

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