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Long Island DWI Attorneys Jacoby & Jacoby

Firm Overview

When you engage the services of Jacoby & Jacoby to defend you against a DWI offense, whether a first time DWI or a serious felony DWI offense, you have the benefit of a firm that has over 50 years in practice and the extensive resources and connections throughout the legal community that can be helpful in defending your case. We know what it takes to defend against a DWI charge, and have the courtroom talent needed to pursue a favorable case outcome. There are many areas of DWI charges that could be successfully challenged, including any breath & blood tests, field sobriety tests, sobriety checkpoints, BAC evidence, the actual police stop or the administration of the tests themselves. You have rights, and if you want to protect them and have a high quality, aggressive defense, our firm is who you want to call.

Defending DWI Charges in Long Island: Jacoby & Jacoby

We have garnered a reputation for high quality defense work over our years in practice. It is strongly advised that you enlist the assistance of our Long Island DWI defense lawyer at once if you have been arrested. Don't engage in conversation or argue with the arresting officers; this can lead to more problems. Exercise your right to remain silent and contact our firm as soon as you can get to a phone, which should be shortly after booking. We take the necessary steps to protect your rights and your freedom from the moment we take on your case, and one of our legal team will be there with you representing your interests throughout the process.

DWI cases move through the legal system with great speed, and you should ensure that you have representation from the moment you are arrested. Issues such as bail can be negotiated on your behalf when you are facing a serious felony DWI charge such as a DWI with injury. The need for a quality defense attorney cannot be underestimated if you are facing charges of vehicular manslaughter or have multiple DWI convictions on record. You could be facing years of time in state prison if your case is not successfully defended. We are committed to providing an aggressive defense and in seeking out the best possible options in your case. Our attorneys are prepared to fight and we urge you to contact us at once.

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